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Brand Building, Communications, Marketing Strategy & Goal Getting

Those are lofty, and often overused terms. But we work closely with our clients to make them mean something significant and practical: achieved communication goals, sales targets, and growth numbers. Often this includes helping define those goals, the targets, the metrics, the process, the messaging, and the brand's personality.



As owner and creative director of Group 22, Stephen sets the pace for the rest of the company. Many years of experience with branding and technology have provided him with the insight to help clients exceed and excel.


His quiet expertise and skill at hitting deadlines, staying within budgets and managing client expectations sets Andrew apart as an interactive project manager of surpassing skill. Exceptional at all of it, he easily communicates with creatives and keeps programmers on task in ways that make all of us green with envy.


Matt has a fantastic balance of right-brained UX creativity with left-brained programming ability. A dedicated and diligent coder, he builds applications in Adobe Air and complex WBTs in Adobe Flash (as well as front-end web coding) with a hard-working attitude that puts bumblebees to shame.


Whether HTML/CSS, video editing or WBT production, Howard is amazingly swift and precise; a project manager's dream. His knowledge of SEO best practices is an added bonus when building websites that need to rise in the results. His speed, precision and logical mind make him the ultimate resource to work out the best, most efficient way to achieve any goal.


Cory is our master craftsman of HTML, CSS and CMS (Content Management Systems). He somehow manages to make a webpage look like designer's vision–across a myriad of browsers and platforms (a tough task to be sure). Though an expert in Drupal and Wordpress, he readily handles every CMS thrown at him.


Stephanie brings to the table her creativity, years of experience and an intimate knowledge of media placement to craft the right marketing strategy for any client. Stephanie is also our PR specialist. She is a master juggler, managing ad schedules, media deadlines and client services.


Being a photographer/designer, Jen has arguably the best sense of composition and aesthetics in the studio. She uses her unique perspective when creating user interfaces or shooting location and product shots. And her boundless energy makes her our "Girl Friday", jumping in to help on any project


As a project manager, Becky is a force to be reckoned with. Shepherding huge CMS (Content Management System) sites from ‘Definition’ to ‘Delivery’, managing creative video projects, assuring accurate content in WBTs (interactive Web-Based Training modules); she is the strong guiding hand that keeps everything running smoothly, on time and to expectations. Her PM skills are as impressive as her broad smile and cheerful personality.



Never one to shy away from a challenge, Gretchen has yet to meet a project, client or vendor that she can't handle. With a sunny disposition and businesslike approach, she tackles everything from client calls to estimates, to making sure the final product is on time and on budget. She makes the lives of her designers and production artists easier and her clients happy.


Selina is the bedrock foundation that the whole studio is built around. As a combination of office manager, bookkeeper and media manager, she keeps the office running smoothly. None of us would be able to do our jobs if she didn't have our back.


Simply put, Robin makes everything perfect. As our production and prepress expert, she can take a designer's sketch and make it a print-ready masterpiece. She will be the first to point out possible problems and the first to fix them.


Bryan’s background includes over 20 years in the field of graphic design. With vast experience as a strategic, multidisciplinary designer and creative director, he has a keen eye for creating elegant and effective solutions for identity design, print collateral and online content.




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